Why Learn Dance With Idena Suzanne?

~ Come on in! You are in for a treat, learning, week by week, to glide, undulate, and shimmy into a more graceful, powerful, joyful you with Idena Suzanne's belly dance classes.


~ Belly dance is a dance art that celebrates people of all makes and models. Your shape, size, and age is just right. You have waited long enough.... let the learning, and the fun begin now! Learn to move with more elegance, more intention, and more enjoyment today, in your own marvelous body. 

~ Learn from a professional dance artist with over 20 years of dance study and performance experience. Idena is dedicated to safe dance techniques that will sustain your joy in dance for years to come. 

~ Workshops and Private/Semi-Private lessons are also available. Idena makes it as easy as possible to get together for dance and learning. It is simply a matter of calling Idena and scheduling a date for large or small classes or workshops. Private lessons may be shared if you wish to divide the cost with up to four friends. There are some variables, but a ballpark figure for private lessons is 35-75 per hour. See Idena's Mentorship Program for ongoing coaching.


Learn To Belly Dance!

In Idena's belly dance classes, we stretch in yummy ways, move in luxurious, sensuous ways, and connect our bodies, minds and spirits in joyful ways. It is a healthy, supportive 75-90 minutes of ME TIME, that won't make you fat, give you a hangover, or bust the budget. You will feel great in so many ways by just taking one or two belly dance classes each week! You will feel proud of yourself for doing something healthy, learning something new, and developing YOU with more Grace, Power, and Joy. Now is the perfect time to Learn To Belly Dance. Welcome!

Wednesday Learn To Belly Dance Class 

6:00-7:30 pm.

*Open class. Drop-Ins Okay*

Learn the Belly Dancer Basics in a new class on Wednesdays. We will care for ourselves as dancers with gentle conditioning, fluid movements, and basic techniques, such as hip movements, torso isolations, traveling steps, and posture and presentation. We will play with veils, too! Bring your favorite veil or use one from the generous studio stash. Each class finishes with a combination you may record to practice throughout the week.

Thursday Beyond Basics Belly Dance Class.

6:00-7:30 pm.

*Must have instructor approval to join*

This class moves at a slightly quicker pace but is still within reach of ambitious beginners. There is, as always, plenty of support and cheer; belly dance is about progress, not perfection. We begin each class with dancer conditioning, moving fluidly through a warm up, adding more strengthening, stretching, and balancing exercises to our skill sets. We drill techniques and combinations and finish each class with choreography homework to practice throughout the week. Please bring finger cymbals (I have a few loaners, too).

Classes are held at Ayesha's Oasis Belly Dance Studio.

3052 Samike Drive, Medford, Oregon 97501


Specials and Tuition Rates:

*Referral Special* 5 class punch card is regularly $60 but bring a friend and you EACH receive $20 off. Bring 2 friends and you receive $40 off. Bring three friends and you dance free!
Punch Cards are valid for three months; you can enjoy your vacation and balance adult life without worrying about losing belly dance credit. I appreciate your referrals and thank you so much for participating in this offer. 
Drop in rate is $12

Five Class Punch Card is $50, $40 for patreon Subscribers

Online Only Patreon Subscription $25

See https://www.patreon.com/home.

Performing at Greater Medford Multicultural Festival

September, (circa) 2011

Medford, OR

Performing live Beledi at Oberon Dance Party with the exquisite Joumana on accordion.

September 2015

Portland, Oregon

Photo Courtesy April Metternich 2014

Additional Information

~ Each of Idena's belly dance sessions has an area of focus, such as a regional dance style, a particular rhythm, an historic era, an Arabic instrument, or a prop, such as veil, finger cymbals, sword, fans, or assaya (cane or stick). You will learn healthy ways to move your body, enjoy life, and gain a little cultural education, too!


~ Make yourself comfortable. Many belly dance students wear yoga clothes to class; some add a hip scarf, which enhances many of the movements. Bare feet are fine and some students like socks, but they can be slippery. Any dance shoes are fine, but please remove all street shoes before stepping onto the dance floor.

(There is a sofa inside the studio where you can comfortably remove your shoes).


~ Idena teaches a muscle-based foundation for belly dance. She is dedicated to healthy belly dance habits and assists and supports all students in safe execution of each movement. The dance techniques that Idena teaches will enhance any style of dance a performer chooses to embrace. 


~ All students must sign a belly dance liability release form.


~ Daughters and special young ladies are welcome to join class. Contact Idena for special mother/daughter pricing. All classes are best suited for a maturity level of ten or more years.


~ The requirements for classes are respectful, attentive behaviors that foster a learning environment. We will have fun, using play and creative imagery to learn dance fundamentals. Dancers pre-teen through adult are welcome.


~ With regular belly dance participation, dancers gain increased coordination, strength, flexibility, grace, and the knowledge that they can move beautifully and claim their place in the world. Dance organizes and connects the mind, body, and spirit like no other activity. Join the class and let your transformation begin! This brief article describes, in everyday language, many of the powerful ways that dance enhances our brain health as well as our physical health.


~ Enjoy a more graceful, powerful, joyful you by learning Oriental Dance with Idena.



~ Belly Dance Classes are held at Ayesha's Oasis Dance Studio

     3052 Samike Dr, Medford, OR 97501

Please note that Ayesha's Oasis Studio is located in the same building as Hot Springs Spas.

The studio has a separate door beside the HSS entrance.


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