VIP Passion is the first and only event of its kind in Medford!

This event features top-tier instruction, performance and so much more! Instructors Souzana, Shoshanna, and Michelle Joyce are, as you know, experts in their craft. Beyond that, they are dance leaders who are warm-hearted and perfect for the intimate, farmhouse setting of this unique, first and only VIP Passion event.

Welcome to the VIP Farmhouse! Arrive Friday anytime after 6 pm, put on your slippers and relax in one of the fabulous parlors or nooks or crannies of this roomy, inviting house. Soak in the hot tub or mingle inside. You are the VIP!
If you enjoy sharing your specialties, finger food offerings to share with others are appreciated.

Souzana, Shoshanna, and Michelle Joyce are coming to sprinkle Medford with sparkles and dance pizazz like never before! Each highly acclaimed dancer/instructor is generous, knowledgeable, and exquisitely enjoyable with decades of professional experience in performing and teaching.

Michelle Joyce started her professional bellydance career while living in Istanbul, Turkey. She studied under Sema Yildiz, the Turkish dance legend, and became the headlining act at The Orient Nightclub in Istanbul in 1998. And her accomplishments have been full-throttle since then. Michelle created Cheeky Girls Productions and is the author of The Posture Makeover. For a treat, check out her reality show, Project Belly Dance, which can be accessed from her website:

Souzana is a sought-after instructor and performer who has directed multiple troupes from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Fairbanks, Alaska, and currently Eugene, Oregon. She has studied Turkish dance with some of the finest Turkish artists in the world, including Rabia Gultekin, Reyhan Tuzsuz, Serkan Tutar, Eva Cernik, and more!

Shoshanna is one-of-a-kind artist who teaches dancers ranging from toddlers through professional performers in need of still more technique and sparkle. Shoshanna has directed numerous theatrical dance shows, including a long-running Arabian Nights Nutcracker each December.

The VIP Passion Features:
Saturday offers three two-hour workshops, one from each of the VIP instructors: Souzana, Shoshanna, and Michelle Joyce. All workshops and the finale recital will be held at Ayesha's Oasis Dance Studio, only three miles from the Farmhouse. Cheers to efficiency!

Saturday night get ready to have your socks knocked off with live performances at a locally-owned restaurant. Souzana, Shoshanna and Michelle Joyce in Medford? Pinch me!!! And, get me a front row seat! Furthermore, bring me a taco because a day of dancing makes me hungry and the Fiesta Taquiera family cooks up the best Mexican cuisine this side of anywhere. Hand crafted tortillas and full-flavored margaritas are their specialties.

Sunday includes three one-hour workshops that include review and Q&A with the instructors.

VIP PASSION concludes Sunday by 4 pm with an intimate recital and farewell in the studio.

Workshop topics and further details are TBA... this is the A-List preliminary invitation. Costs are low due to the grass-roots nature of this event but be assured that the standard is high. It is rare to experience the high caliber of instruction and performance at an event of this style, with the intimacy and beauty of a home environment.

Full-Board includes Friday's meet and greet hafla, all workshops, family-style lodging, breakfasts and lunches, and Saturday's performance. $250. Maximum of 12.

Full-Dance includes all workshops and Saturday's performance. $160. Maximum of 8.

At this time we are only accepting registration for Full-Board and Full-Dance participants.
A' La cart workshops will be accepted after February 08.

Read more on the Event Page Here:


FREE Open House Showing of The Fez

Date TBA 

Best Foreign Feature Documentary created by my friend Roxanne Shelaby about her family's Lebanese supper club in Hollywood's Golden Era of Belly Dance. Come to be inspired, and enjoy this lively, perfectly paced piece of cinema art. You will learn about the heyday of American Belly Dance in Las Angeles and how much The Fez meant to Arab and Middle Eastern immigrants.  I am so proud of this beautifully produced documentary!

Relax on the sofas or bring something comfortable for the studio floor. I'll bring wine and alcohol-free beverages. 

Ayesha's Oasis Studio

3052 Samike Drive, Medford, Oregon

In same building as Hot Spring Spas

Contact Idena for Future Open House Dates and More Information.

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