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Shems is a dancer extrodinaire, based in Maryland. She has written articles and compiled a treasure trove of information. Her Resources page will keep you learning for a long time to come. I particularly enjoyed seeing her perform this sword dance and seeing her participate at Project Belly Dance, which was a belly dance reality show created by Michelle Joyce.

Meet Shems at: http://www.shemsdance.com/shems/


Shira has the unofficial long-running encyclopedic website www.shira.net. She also has written many articles, as well as compiled other articles, song translations, and much more. Her lectures are enlightening and humorous, so do attend if an opportunity presents. Shira and I traveled together to Egypt in February 2015.


Sahra Saeeda is the one-woman-force who created and sustains the Journey through Egypt (JtE)programs. Sahra worked as a dancer at Le Meridien, a 5 Star hotel in Cairo, for six nights per week for more than six years. She is a dance ethnologist, energetically and simultaneously resesarching Egyptian dances and bringing dancers and ethnologists to Egypt each year to learn and contribute to the research efforts. She clearly operates from love, which has guided her to mastery in dance performance and dance academia. Her passion is gentle, genuine, and contagious. journeythroughegypt.com


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Fairy Cove Silks by Meg are beloved, dyed in USA. She has frequent sales, too. http://www.fairycove.com/


LRose has high-quality (and affordable) dancewear for class and performance, as well as a selection of veils for sale. Lrosedesigns.com


Dharma Trading Company sells silk yardage and dyes for DIY veils. For airy, sleek veils that seem to float on their own I recommend Silk Habotai, in the 4mm-8mm range. Silk Chiffon will also make a nice, drapey veil that is more sheer and mysterious than the Habotai. I have several in 8 mm, which I am happy with. Try both and learn the different "partnering" qualities of different fabrics. http://www.dharmatrading.com/fabric/silk/silk-fabrics.html



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