Fabulous students performing after workshop at Greater Medford Multicultural Fair, Sep 2017  Samantha, Cindy, Erica, Joann, Erika, Sabrina, and Chris. Aiwa!!!


"Each time I've sponsored Idena in a workshop, I have been awed by her teaching talent. She gives a three-dimensional view of each step by including historical and cultural information, and her positive attitude is infectious leaving students inspired and wishing for more. When she performs, her presentation is professional and her personality shines brightly. She fills her audience with a sense of delight and joy. I highly recommend her!"

Mezdulene Bliss

"Idena is an amazing dancer. She fills the room with a bright light and her moves are full of poise and grace. She has rad teaching skills and a warm personality."

Sue Bee Buckley

"I had the pleasure of taking a Shaabi workshop with Idena and I had so much fun! This style of dance is so energetic and happy. Idena is a great instructor with a clear breakdown of the steps and will have you dancing them in no time. Her knowledge of the culture behind this dance form was very extensive, and was one of my favorite parts of the workshop. Thank you for bringing your wonderful expertise to us here in the States!"

Jennifer Marus


"Idena, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to take your workshop and learn about raks assaya along with some interesting cultural background on the Saidi region of Egypt. As someone who is fairly new to Middle Eastern dance, I had little idea what to expect, but I was immediately enchanted by your warm and welcoming personality and by the unpretentious, joyous, earthy, and FUN qualities of this dance. It was exciting that we were able to learn a dance choreography in an hour and then perform it onstage shortly after. I am hooked, and I look forward to studying with you again as soon as possible! Grace, Power, Joy - that is what Dance means in my life also, and I look forward to crossing paths with you in the near future. Aiwa!" 
Erica Street


"When I first was in touch with Idena I told her I'd like to get into dancing again, but have some limitations.  She said she would help me in any way she could.  During classes she presents alternatives that are very helpful.  As far as teaching, she is all about doing things the correct way, but is relaxed and detailed in her explanations.  If we don't understand she is very open to questions and drilling the move until we get it. It's really fun to dance with the other ladies and make new friends.  The class is a great way to leave your cares at the door, and exercise your body and mind.  Idena genuinely cares about her students and is devoted to honoring the culture of dance."



"Idena Suzanne’s classes and workshops have been a real blessing in my life. I have been fighting my way back to health after injury, physical and emotional trauma. There were days I was bed ridden and too medicated to move. Before then, I danced all the time. I was a solo performance dancer and instructor. Music and movement were my joy! I was nervous going back to dancing after being sedentary for so long. I was self conscious, and full of inner dialogue that was very difficult. I was not sure I could find a teacher or classes that would work for someone in my situation. Idena Suzanne and her students have been amazing! 


As a teacher, Idena has been patient, compassionate, encouraging and uplifting. Her effervescent personality and genuine spunkiness really has kept me moving and motivated. She brings out the best from within her students, no matter their level of experience, health, physical ability, or self-beliefs. She draws people in and lifts people up. I have taken both the Raqs Assaya workshop and the Tabla Plus Rhythms classes and I am eager for more! 


Idena Suzanne is a wonderful teacher whose charisma is genuine as is her caring heart and down to earth personality. I have taken belly dancing classes and danced with many performers for over 20 years. She not only has the moves and experiences but a deep love for the cultures and people from which belly dancing styles have arisen. She uses precise language, history, and personal anecdotes from her travels, and experience that tempers her dance instruction, with knowledge, and respect. She infuses the dance with historical accuracy and cultural respect. As an anthropologist, I am satisfied with her honest care for what she teaches and why.  A beautiful performer, soulful teacher, and genuinely lovely person, all around I cannot say enough wonderful things about Idena Suzanne. Being a part of her dance troupe is a real gift.  Dancing with Idena is definitely a celebration of Grace, Power and Joy!"

  • Samantha Inman. Medford, Oregon.

"When I learned that Idena Suzanne would be teaching a 2 hour Raqs Assaya workshop less than a two hour drive away - I knew I didn't want to miss it. She shared about the culture of the dance and provided typed notes. Her teaching style was easy to follow. She invited the class students to perform with her in the daytime festival, and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you get an opportunity to study with her - do it! So much fun."
Joann Thompson

"I really enjoyed your Raqs Assaya workshop at the Mystical Oasis festival. It was great to get such an in depth explanation of the meaning of individual steps. With the Assaya steps you can dance a story! I learned interesting facts about the Saidi region and its people, coming away with better understanding of their dance. To top it all off we performed the choreography we learned in the festival dancing! Thank you Idena!"
Angela Palmer

"I would like to say I had a great time at Idena's workshop at the Spring Oasis Belly Dance festival. The workshop was fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the cultural history included with the dance moves. This made the movements easier to remember and more interesting.
I would recommend Idena's workshop to anyone interested in learning more about Saidi dance."
Diane Heilman


How was your experience working with Idena as a coach?

I found Idena to be very timely, and professional. Her detailed feedback helped me put the pieces of stage presentation together in an easy to execute process. Her background in nursing helped with muscle group explanations. She was always willing to dig deep with me from the first in person meeting until the very last internet coaching session.

Was she a knowledgeable instructor?

Yes! That is an understatement...she really brought good sound ideas to the table for me. I was blown away by her words and guidance.

What are some things you learned specifically?

Posture, eye contact, facial expressions, musicality, drills, body staging, and more.

~Jennifer Wolf, Ashland, OR

Idena with Americanistan

Belly Dancer USA 2017

Photo courtesy Fred Herincks

Idena at Lulu's November 2017

Sponsored by Deeta Pasero

Redding, CA

Photo courtesy James Schipper

Pre-show shot of Idena in Yreka, California. October, hosted by Robyn Vandiver

Idena in action at Hoda's, Portland Oregon.

Photo courtesy Phoebus-Foto

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