Hot and Now Shaabi Workshop!:
Shaabi is a modern street/party/wedding dance hot and now in Egypt. Shaabi blends elements from Raqs Sharqi (traditional belly dance) and western hip-hop for a contemporary lively dance that makes everyone want to move! This workshop is good for beginners through advanced dancers and includes many Cairo gestures and movements.
Idena has studied Shaabi with master instructors from Egypt such as Mohammed Shahin, Camelia of Cairo, Aziza of Cairo, and more. 

Friday 28 September 2018

6:00-8:00 pm

Ayesha's Oasis Studio

Medford, ORegon

Music Egyptiene Shaabi!

30 USD, 40 At the Door

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Costuming: Build An Industrial Strength Dance Bra:

Nothing says Belly Dance like a blingy-licious dance bra. We will build a bra that fits you perfectly, shimmy-proofed and built for speed. Idena has been building bras since the1990s and she has tricks and hacks to share.


Dance bras can be built around existing bra cups, new purchased bra cups, or made-from-scratch bra cups. Old bras can be recycled into dance bras if the cups are firm and roomy. Bra builders can purchase bargain bras: cups must be firm and have a roomy fit; band size does not matter. Ugly bras can become beautiful dance bras. Worn out bras with stretched-out elastic can become beautiful dance bras. Soft cup bras have no future in dance (firm foam is okay).


Bra cups can also be built from scratch, which is particularly useful for dancers above DD/F cups sizes. Wear the most supportive, lifted bra in your wardrobe and bring a tee shirt we can destroy.


Arabic Rhythms and What to do with Them:

Music is the foundation of dance and rhythm is the foundation of music. When dancers show the rhythms appropriately, they look smart and in control. Middle Eastern rhythms are akin to the Victorian language of flowers; each rhythm has a different meaning and feeling, as well as a different sound. Learn how to distinguish different sounds of the tabla, and how to bring them to life in your dance. 


Prepare for full-bodied movement; this workshop includes a stretching, conditioning warm up, drills, and combos to drive in an understanding of as many rhythms as time allows. Learn how to identify different rhythms and respond automatically, solidly, easily, to every Dum-Tek that comes your way. Yala!



All the Ballet that Belly Dancers Need to Know:

Ballet training gives belly dancers a strong, smooth foundation to build Oriental styling upon. Belly dance training focuses on hip work, torso work, circles, and undulations. Ballet training enhances these movements with solid footwork, strong alignment, full extensions, and balance. When Belly Dance meets Ballet training, beautiful things happen. Participants in this workshop will gain more confidence in their footwork and balance, and more emotional expression. 


Idena has included regular ballet in her dance practice and instruction. Now she is eager to share the ballet techniques that are most useful to belly dancers. See what ballet techniques can do for your belly dance!


Participants will need dance shoes or socks. Ballet slippers are ideal; bare feet are not recommended. Please wear fitted clothing that is designed for movement, such as yoga wear. No jingles, please.



Raqs Assaya: More fun than you can shake a stick at

Based on the ancient stick-fighting martial art of Upper Egypt, "Tahteeb," Raqs Assaya has become one of the most popular folkl-based dances in the belly dance genre. This workshop includes traditional folk movements and history of Tahteeb and Raqs Assaya, plus staging tips for performance-geared Raqs Assaya dancing. Folk dance is for everyone; men and all people young and old are welcome in this workshop. Men will be given instruction in a more athletic, combative styling. Women will learn the feminine counterpart, with baladi-styled hip and shoulder shimmies and a lighter, more playful feel. This dance is earthy, joyful, and sassy with just enough hipwork to please official belly dancers and not too many tricky isolations or girly gooeyness for manly-men or newer dancers to enjoy.  

No jingles or full skirts, please. (They get in the way).

No street shoes on studio floor, please. Dance shoes or bare feet are okay.

This is a dance for all folks, meaning men, women, energetic youths and barely shuffling wise folks.

Steps are simple and the warm-up has dancer-specific movements and stretches, but no pushups,crunches,or intense strengthening exercises. 

Hopping in class is optional.

Asas (sticks) provided to pre-registered students.


Musicality: How to Create a Perfect Choreography:

The Oriental Dancer’s job is to illustrate the music and appear as if she/he is conducting the orchestra. Idena, as the daughter of a concert pianist, has had a nascent background of musical training which serves as the backbone to her dance. 


Learn tips about identifying musical patterns, showing musical changes, and letting your dance perfectly match any music. Also learn how to use a stage for solo or troupe performances, how to make combinations stick in memory, and how to tell a story with smooth transitions and surprise accents.


This workshop is a movement-based course that packs dancer’s minds with tools to interpret music and create visual pictures. The result is a perfect experience of sound and movement, blended as if they were made together.

And more! Idena has extensive dance education and experience. She can probably teach it, and if she doesn't feel like she is the best instructor for the job, she is well connected and happy to refer you to an expert. Your dance goals are important to Idena. If you don't see your desired workshop in this menu, send Idena a message.

Idena in the first bra she constructed. It lasted 15 years! Since its creation she has learned many new bra skills. She can help you build a dance bra you that will make you look and feel fantastic!

Idena teaching Ballet For Belly Dancers in Panama City, Panama. Photo courtesy Juan Portugal.

Idena performing Raqs Assaya at MEDGE Fall Festival,

Eugene, OR October 2015. 

Photo Courtesy Phoebus-Foto

Vintage Idena, performing Raqs Assaya at El Marinero Restaurant, Medford, OR.

Circa 2009

Idena performing Tahteeb and Raqs Assaya at Saqra's Festival April 2012.

View performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz4n2J1IOPQ

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